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Attorney Profiles

Attorney Profiles

Choosing an attorney to represent your interests in any legal matter is a very important decision. The wrong attorney can cost you time and money and have serious repercussions on your case. When dealing with legal issues, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

With the attorneys at Mulyk, Laho & Mack, LLC, you can rest assured that your case is good hands. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the sometime tumultuous waters of family law, child issues, criminal law and other related practice areas. The lawyers at our firm and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the courtroom or negotiating table.

The attorneys at our firm are all well-respected members of our legal community. Each worked hard to earn solid reputations as litigators and negotiators. Our attorneys have argued cases before the Illinois Supreme Court including an important case regarding parental alienation, maintenance and attorney’s fees.

Our firm is known for providing clients with cost-effective solutions. We take pride in advocating reasonable positions to ensure a just resolution for our clients. We employ a leading-edge perspective on the law to offer our clients the most effective advocacy possible.

If you are in need of an attorney that concentrates in the area of family law, child issues, criminal law or any of our other practice areas, contact Mulyk, Laho & Mack, LLC at (630) 852-1100 or by email at to schedule an appointment for a free consultation..

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