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Child Issues

Child Issues

Whenever a family law matter comes before the courts in Illinois, the welfare and wellbeing of any child involved is always paramount. State laws protect the best interest of the child in handing down any order. Whether you are trying to resolve child custody in a divorce case, looking to secure the appropriate child support arrangement, petitioning for an adoption, or any other child related legal matter, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows the laws and courtrooms you must face is key to a successful resolution of your case. The attorneys in the law firm of Mulyk, Laho & Mack, LLC have a combined 50 years experience in successful litigation including child related matters in multiple Illinois counties, including DuPage, Kane, Will, Cook, and Kendall.

Illinois Family Law Attorneys Litigating Child Issues

The best kinds of negotiations in legal child-centered matters are those that can be worked out cooperatively and amicably. Where possible, our attorneys will work to mediate and settle issues, and reduce contention and stress, to the benefit of all involved. When agreements can be reached through mediation, there is a greater prospect of compliance and cooperation between both parents. When we need to play hardball in the courtroom to achieve the best results for your child, we will do that. You can look to our experienced attorneys for the kind of family law representation that is effective, efficient, and sensitive to the highly personal nature of cases involving a broad range of child issues, including:

We also offer convenient guides for Divorce matters and Children and Divorce issues. Download these guides today for assistance with your family law questions.

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The attorneys at Mulyk, Laho & Mack, LLC take satisfaction in advocating for your child’s best interest in highly-emotional and often complex legal negotiations. Every case is a priority, met with professionalism and skill in the legal issues that confront you. With experience, compassion, and sensitivity, our team of lawyers works hard to uncover pertinent facts, challenge unsupported claims, and get the best possible outcomes. We are supported by a team of seasoned investigators, accountants, and specialists in child psychology, sociology, and child welfare, who help insure that every legal order meets the total needs of your child.

Family law is the major focus at Mulyk, Laho & Mack, LLC. When your child is threatened or mistreated, abused or neglected, or missing out on the resources that should be provided, we will be tenacious in our efforts to protect his/her rights and well-being. If your custody is unjustly challenged, your support payments are delinquent, or your rights as a father are diminished, our lawyers will fight for you. Contact our Glen Ellyn office at (630) 852-1100  to set up an initial consultation.

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