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Guardian ad Litem

Guardian ad Litem

In Illinois, the law provides that a minor or dependent child has the right to protection and appropriate care in any proceedings involving child support, custody, visitation, education, parentage, property interest, or general welfare. Under the authority of Illinois law (750 ILCS 5/506), the court may determine the need for, or respond to a petition for, the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to represent the interest of a child. If you are involved in a child custody or any other family law case where a GAL has been appointed, the experienced GAL attorneys at Mulyk, Laho, & Mack, LLC can protect your rights and the best interest of your child. We handle GAL related cases throughout DuPage county and its surrounding communities.

Child Custody Cases in Glen Ellyn and Lombard

In custody cases, the court may look more frequently to professionals like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other child-life specialists to evaluate and report the needs of a custodial child. There are times when a judge feels it appropriate to appoint a Guardian ad Litem to further represent the interest of the child. This GAL may be an attorney or court appointed advocate who is charged with eliciting the child’s position concerning a proposed guardian, a proposed change in residential placement, changes in care that might result from the guardianship, any determination of disability, and other areas of inquiry the court deems appropriate. A Guardian ad Litem

  • Can be appointed in a divorce, separation, or paternity case;
  • Is appointed by the court to investigate and report on the best interest of a child;
  • Must meet criteria of training and years of experience according to the requirements of the legal jurisdiction of the child;
  • Investigates the factors impacting the well being of the child;
  • Interviews the parents and the child involved in the case; and
  • Summarizes findings and recommendations as an agent of the court.

Call Guardian ad Litem Attorneys 

It is to your advantage to retain GAL trained attorneys like those at Mulyk, Laho, & Mack, LLC, who are knowledgeable and experienced with the judges in the legal jurisdiction where your case is heard. We know those who are likely to appoint a Guardian ad Litem and the impact of such an appointment on your case. When representing you in a divorce or child custody case, our ability to communicate with the GAL whom the court has appointed for your child can help you achieve your goals and protect the best interest of your child. Contact our office in Glen Ellyn, Illinois for a thorough explanation of the role and duties of a Guardian ad Litem. We handle cases throughout DuPage County and the surrounding communities, including Wheaton, Oak Brook, Lombard, Elmhurst, Villapark, Downers Grove, Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield.

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